Annual Progress Report

On a yearly basis the VECAP programme sponsors issue a progress report. In addition to introducing the programme to a wide audience, this report is designed to provide transparent and concise information on the progress of VECAP.

The 2009 progress report was published in January 2010

The key finding of the report was that visible reductions in potential emissions to air, land and water were achieved during 2008-2009. The overall potential emissions in Europe for the three main brominated flame retardants, Deca-BDE, TBBPA and HBCD, reduced from over 6000 kg surveyed in 2008, to less than 2000 kg in 2009, mainly as result of actions taken at user plants.

From an initial 80 sites in six European countries, VECAP has now grown to cover 135 participating sites. Together these sites handle 85% of the total volume of the above three brominated flame retardants.

Further key findings of the report include:

  • Establishment of a year-on-year methodology for comparing potential emissions;
  • Awareness that the disposal of industrial chemical packaging is the main potential emission source today, which has been followed by a specific programme targeting such emissions;
  • Launch of a VECAP certification scheme with three sites certified so far.

The progress achieved by VECAP participants through the supply chain demonstrates the industry's commitment to promoting safe and environmentally responsible use of its products.

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  • "Euratex not only supports VECAP but we are strongly committed to its implementation. The textiles industry relies on flame retardant chemicals to comply with European fire safety standards. VECAP enables textiles sector users of flame retardants to identify where they can act to reduce emissions."
    Adil Elmassi, DG Environmental Affairs – EURATEX
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